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CrAzY CaM Footage From Enza & Lui’s Wedding

Check out this footage of CrAzY CaM from the wedding of Enza & Lui. The video was shown live to air on 10 foot screens infront of hundreds of people. The guests were astonished at the visual masterpiece created by our crew.

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Quarum at Antonella and Anthony’s Wedding

These next eight images were taken by Quarum at Antonella and Anthony’s wedding. The decor was done by creations by gitta … her work speaks for itself.

Check our more of her work at

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The wedding of Sabrina & Anthony

A superb performer with only 49,877 total miles traveled, 9,204 of those since a total refurbishment by ourselves in 1993 when we acquired it from the estate of it’s first and only registered owner. An extensive review and upgrade of that high quality 15 year old restoration was carried out in 2008.

I looked back to see if the bride was ready to walk down the aisle, as i capture this small girl in my frame, she was so shy upon realizing that her best friend was in the bridal party waving at her from the alter.


One of those bands who seem very much at home in a theatre or arena; their energy, polish and pure professionalism allow them to put on a dynamic show much appreciated by such capacity crowds. Bands used to playing the larger venues often underwhelm in a smaller, localised setting. Not so these guys. They have the ability to raise the smaller venue to a much higher plane, taking their audience with them on their melodic meander through the musical decades. Covering songs from the 70s through to todays top hits.

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