Mint Room
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With so many brides and grooms having to reschedule their weddings over and over again. Toronto is now becoming a very difficult place to host a wedding in. So many brides have rescheduled to the following year, but the brave ones don't give up! Despite the restrictions and lockdowns, Love will always overcome fear. Here is a prime example of a wedding that

Clients always ask us to help them find that perfect indoor location. With so many great locations to take your engagement pictures, this latest post was photographed at the mint room downtown Toronto. As the weather gets cooler, our wedding clients are searching for that cozy and perfect indoor location. With many cool themed rooms to choose from, this place has it all.

Check out this high key photograph captured at the Mint room downtown Toronto. There are many cool rooms within this location and one of our favorite rooms is this white room. It acts as a photographer’s cove. A cove is like a giant light box in which light bounces around just perfectly to fill in all the shadows and imperfections on the subjects