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Have you ever wondered what happens on a wedding when it begins to rain? Well, check out this image! With 30 years of experience Quarum can literally pull rabbits out of a hat when it comes to thinking on the spot. As professional photographers we know every location in the city and even though it may be raining, we not only have great ideas but we have a huge list of locations to share with you.

In this photograph, the bride and groom were very traditional and didn’t want many photographs of them kissing. So with a bit of creativity and fun, we asked them to hide behind the umbrella knowing that it was see-through and created this fun photo. The photograph is taken at the old mill in Toronto, where the couple spent the afternoon exchanging their vows in the super quaint chapel located on site.
If you ever get a chance to visit the old mill, they have a very high-end hotel on site along with an excellent brunch on Sundays. The location also hosts hundreds of weddings each year. We definitely recommend you check this location out.
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