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Gradon Hall

Upon entering the walled court yard of Graydon Hall Manor, the true size and scope of the property inspires, while the porte-cochere welcomes guests and leads them into the mansion, offering a glimpse of the grandeur inspired by the grand staircase. The reception room hints of the garden façade inviting guests to experience the formal gardens. A 160 foot-long balustrade stone terrace wraps the length and the west side of the mansion, overlooking the cascading fountains and the formal gardens in the backdrop. The elegantly designed dining room extends from the reception room to welcome discriminating diners with plush furnishings, ornate mouldings, sunny bay windows, and charming fireplaces. After mingling, dining, and entertaining, one can retreat to the warmth and intimacy of the library, begging the company of cigar and cognac enthusiasts. visit Graydon Hall Manor.